Wedding Invitations by Jinaiji



media3Jinaiji is an Elite Prodesigner on and Prodesigners are the best designers on Zazzle.

Ever since 2010, the year she started creating on, there has been no looking back for this artist. She now works and creates exclusively only on Zazzle. Through all these years she became a well known for her creative custom wedding invitations.
Jinaiji believes in giving everything back to nature. Her soulful designs are inspired from nature. If one looks at her work closely, they would notice that every little piece of her work reflects nature and joy, impression and essences of love. All her illustrations, watercolor paintings, drawings and photo collages are made from the finest of materials, which encapsulate the buyers’ attention at all possible levels. With this artist, you can rest assured that you will never ever get a blurry or pixilated image. One can expect top notch quality work at all times.
Be prepared for the rustic charm, fused with an essence of bold typography, for country chic elegance with vintage spice, or for modern and whimsy styles! She likes to experiment and struggles to create only different and unique designs.
Jinaiji have done her Bachelors in Multimedia Art and she also holds Master of Arts degree from the Art University in Europe.